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This Agreement establishes the mandatory terms that will govern the legal relationship between the website www.herommo.com and its Users (individually referred to as User).

This User Agreement is a contract, even if signed electronically, and has legal effectiveness and validity, in accordance with the civil legislation in force (Articles 422 and 425 of the Civil Code, Law No. 10,406/2002).

The purpose of this contract is to ensure the implementation of a policy of transparency, privacy and security for both parties involved, which allows the best use of the site by its Users.

When accessing the website www.herommo.com and registering, you must read and agree to the terms of the usage agreement, which may be updated, in order to adapt to current legislation and new services.

When using the services of the www.herommo.com, you must undertake certain duties, detailed below and, at the moment any of them is violated, this contract will be automatically terminated and may give rise to possible legal measures, in the event of damage to the service provider and/or third parties.

If the termination of this contract is the sole fault of the User, he will not be reimbursed for the amounts actually spent.

The User may have access to this User Agreement, at any time, through the page www.www.herommo.com

After carefully reading the contents of this contract, and if it is of interest to you, indicate – in the acceptance box – your agreement with it. If you agree with the terms of the service use agreement, check the corresponding option.

Once contracted, the duties and rules transcribed here will be considered read and must be compulsorily obeyed. From the moment the services offered on this site are used, your acceptance of this Term will be ratified, indicating that the User has read and agrees with what is included in its clauses.


The website www.herommo.com offers services for the sale of digital merchandise in electronic games, also serving as a means for other people and companies to publicize their services through the internet.

The offer of virtual services is not subject to any type of prior authorization for the simple fact that it is provided by electronic means.

The site is responsible for the execution of the services it offers to its Users, although it is not responsible for the contents displayed, messages sent or received, business made or lost as a result of the service provided.

The services website www.herommo.com will only be offered when the website is live and available for access. If, temporarily, access to the website is interrupted for maintenance or for another reason, the provision of the service will automatically be interrupted.

If new services are incorporated into the website www.herommo.com, they will be included in these Terms of Use, automatically applying the rules already in force.

The expression of will of the contracting parties in the contracts concluded by electronic means will take place at the moment of acceptance of the terms of this contract. Such manifestation will always be regarded as unequivocal.

The User, when registeringon the Website www.herommo.com, will automatically receive confirmation of registration in his e-mail registered on this website.

If the User finds any wrong data, he may access the area (My Account), on the website, and rectify them at any time.

The User of the Website www.herommo.com will have the right to use the service throughout the chosen period, and the website will not be obliged to refund amounts paid if the User gives up the contracted service during the term of the contract.

Payment for the contracted service can be made through PayPal, or other means available in our system.

The website www.herommo.com offers the following services:

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------


O Website User www.herommo.com undertakes to provide true, accurate, current and complete personal data during the registration procedure, registration of your data and collection of agreed values, as well as to keep the information provided during the association up to date.

Said data are used to help Site.com.br to keep a detailed record of its Users' account, helping them to choose promotions, products and services that will help make the site more useful to our Users.

The Website www.herommo.com may provide an aggregate of statistical data about purchases, consumption profile and browsing patterns of its users to reputable third parties.

When associating with the website, the User may voluntarily provide, through surveys, promotions, questionnaires offered by the Website www.herommo.com, alone or together with third parties, some personal data.

Such personal data, provided voluntarily by our Users, through responses to surveys, questionnaires and registrations, are used only to improve the knowledge that the Website www.herommo.com has in online services, which are strictly confidential.

The e-mail address informed at the time of registration will only be used for the purposes authorized by the Users, as well as to answer questions or send information and services about the site to Users.

The provision of false information or the use of information from third parties constitutes a crime, qualified in the Brazilian Penal Code. In the event of any damage or loss to third parties or to Site.com.br itself, due to the illegal attitude of any of its Users, it will be compelled to indemnify Site.com.br, without prejudice to being liable for the losses and damages related.

In this case, the Website www.herommo.com reserves the right to terminate its Membership at the moment it becomes aware of the falsehood or bad faith employed by the User, and may prevent its subsequent return to the services offered by the website, without any compensation.

If there is suspicion or strong evidence of misuse of the website services by any User, the website www.herommo.com may take the website off the air, without refunding any amounts paid, temporarily or definitively, upon notification or prior notice to be sent by e-mail as well as refusing the new registration of the User who has violated any of the clauses included in this Agreement.

In this case, the Website www.herommo.com will not be obliged to refund the amounts already paid by the User.

At the beginning of the registration process, the User must choose a password and a personal identification, being himself solely responsible for the password he chooses and for keeping it confidential.

The User undertakes to notify the Site-------- of any unauthorized use of his password or account, as well as any breach of security that may occur.


This use agreement may be terminated or suspended, without prior notice, by the Website www.herommo.com in case of breach of any terms specified in this agreement, in accordance with article 474, first part of the Civil Code. Although not legally obliged, the Website www.herommo.com may communicate, via email, to the User of the termination or suspension of its services.

In case of termination of this agreement, arising from the breach of any terms specified herein by the User, the Website www.herommo.com will not refund the amounts already paid to the User.

Once this contract is terminated, the Website www.herommo.com may delete all data, files, emails and information of the User and the services that he used in this system or in this company.



The Site------------ has a privacy and security policy that aims to protect its Users against the misuse of their personal information by third parties.

The Site------- will not sell or share your personal information with third parties. Only with your express authorization or through judicial authorization can this information be disclosed to the requesting authority. If the User makes his information available on the site----------- to third parties, it will be his sole responsibility to use them.

To ensure your security, it is recommended that you change your personal password to access your website or support account from time to time and that you do not pass it on to third parties.

The passwords are encrypted in our database, in case of forgetfulness, the Website www.herommo.com will send a link to change the password to the electronic address informed in your registration, as soon as requested by the link "Forgot my password" on the home page.

When accessing this website, we collect information through cookies and other means, such as your IP, browser, language, etc., to improve this website and use it in campaigns such as Google adwords, remarketing, and others.

's security policy the Site the User will be notified, either through his email or through prominent advertisements on our page.


The User, based on this agreement, expressly authorizes the Site-------------- to use resources, such as, but not limited to, "cookies", in order to offer a better and more personalized service. A cookie represents a small amount of data, usually including an anonymous unique identifier, sent to you by a website and stored on your computer's disk.


The User can configure his browser to accept all cookies, reject them or be notified when a cookie is sent.

As each browser does this differently, check your browser's constant help tool to learn how to change your cookie preferences.

ATTENTION: If the User chooses to reject all cookies in his browser, he will not be able to use all the resources and services offered by Site.com.br.

The www.herommo.com uses its own cookies for several purposes, including:



The User is responsible for the ownership of the information transmitted to the www.herommo.com.

The User must provide correct, exact, accurate and current data. Each User is personally responsible for the data they provide.

The Website www.herommo.com is not responsible for the veracity of the information provided by its Users.

The provision of false information constitutes a crime of ideological falsehood, typified in art. 299 of the Penal Code, whose penalty is established between one to three years of imprisonment, plus a fine.

The damage caused to third parties by the use of false information by the User will subject the latter to the penalties of the law, as well as the right of return on the part of the Website www.herommo.com.

The User undertakes to comply with and respect all the terms of the “Digital Millennium Copyright Act” (https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Millennium_Copyright_Act)

The User may not request any other User or third party to act on its behalf, unless it is by proxy.

The User may not use third parties to carry out any action, purchase, sale or cancellation of products or services through the website or any other form of communication offered by the Website www.herommo.com.

The User may not transmit chain letters or spam (unsolicited electronic messages sent in bulk) under any circumstances, from our servers or from third parties.

Our spam tolerance is ZERO. Sending spam is SERIOUS INFRINGEMENT and your account may have its limits reduced and terminated immediately.

The User will not be able to send campaigns by email using our servers, under penalty of blocking the accounts and reducing sending limits.

The User may not violate, intentionally or unintentionally, any legal rule present in the Brazilian and international legal system, nor claim ignorance of the normative provisions in force.

If there is a violation of any of these provisions or any others that are in this User Agreement, Site.com.br may, at its discretion, change or delete the content of the site, reduce limits, close the user's account and block in definitive all access to the site or emails.


In accordance with the legislation in force, the forum for settling any disputes arising from this contract will be the consumer's.

If the dispute arising from this contract is not characterized by consumer legislation, the court of choice will be the court of the city of -----------------


This Agreement will be governedby the laws of Brazil and complies with the Brazilian legal system, general principles of law and international e-commerce standards.


If the User does not agree with a certain clause of this Agreement, and obtains its nullity in court, the other provisions will not be harmed and will remain in force.


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